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Annual Report



As the day ends with a golden light
The Stage is set for a wondrous sight
Let us drink in a breath, a cup full of togetherness
And surely in this way, when the sun is about to set today
Let us remember till eternity
These hours of togetherness spent in Peace and Amity….

Human life is a wondrous journey where we encounter innumerable people, events & cherish a million memories. This Annual Day is a celebration of human emotions, human achievements, human failures and finally the spiritual upliftment of man.

Welcome to the Nalanda Higher Secondary, Maharana Pratap Ward, Jhinjhari, Katni (M.P.) was started in the year 2010 with a view to provide the highest quality of education in Katni district. The school is completely committed towards providing the best quality education. Our teachers are handpicked and trained in the latest techniques of teaching in order to provide international standard education. At Nalanda, we believe that education should stimulate thinking rather than learning. In line with this we provide practical, activity based teaching so that our pupils may grow into leaders of tomorrow.

Students and faculty

Our school has more than 250 students, from Nursery School to Middle. I am very proud to say that we are blessed with, a team of highly qualified and experienced, result oriented, and committed faculty, who ensure, the all-round development, of the students, with their selfless and dedicated teaching. They are well augmented, by our equally dedicated and hardworking, administrative and supporting staff.
Infrastructure and facilities
The school has, well equipped and spacious composite science laboratory. The school is equipped with multimedia projectors, various musical instruments, sports and games items. We have new generation, interactive smart class rooms, Language lab and Mathematics labs which make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

Examination Results

Academic achievements reflect the diligence and skills to perform to the best of one’s ability.
We have been able to keep up, the saga of, remarkable results in school examination. The performance of our students, in class nursery to middle examination was outstanding. Once again, we achieved cent percent success.

Children’s Day Celebration

We celebrated children’s day, on 14th November, in a grant colorful way. Our teachers performed different cultural Programmers, for the students on the occasion.

School Trips

Our students of classes Nursery LKG and UKG enjoyed a trip, Form house and park & the students of, classes I to V went to Roopnath, Katni (M.P.). & the students of, classes VI to VIII went to water park Biruhuli, Katni (M.P.).

Co- Scholastic Areas:-

Only a healthy child can learn effectively and good health leads to better learning. Many activities are necessary for development of the affective and psychomotor domain. The activities like games and sport, art and music, craft work etc. are termed as co-scholastic activities. The term co-scholastic activities are used for both cognitive and non-cognitive development that can take place by exposing the child to the scholastic and non-scholastic subjects.

(i) Art Education entails instruction in various art forms (visual as well as performing) with an aim to help children develop an interest for arts and encourage them to enthusiastically participate in related activities, thus, promoting abilities such as imagination, creativity, valuing arts and cultural heritage. In addition, Arts should be integrated with other subjects to promote creative thinking and expression

(ii) Health and Physical Education focuses on holistic development, both mental and physical, understanding the importance of physical fitness, health, well being and the factors that contribute to them. Focus of this area is on helping children develop a positive attitude and commitment to lifelong, healthy active living and the capacity to live satisfying, productive lives with the help of health management, indigenous sports, yoga, NCC, self-defense, fitness and life style choices.

(iii) Work Experience: The Work Experience has been subsumed in the Health and Physical Education, however, it is an integral part of the curriculum and is given as much as focus as Health and Physical Education.

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